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Activated charcoal soap

Activated charcoal soap

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Soap for acne, oily skin and combination skin.

This beautiful moon and sun soap is shaped more suitable for washing the face while the rectangular one is more suitable for the body.

Calendula Oil is a potent anti-inflammatory that aids in the healing process and skin recovery. In medicinal use, it helps in the treatment of skin irritations and burns. It has astringent action, effective in the natural balance of the skin. Effective in hydrating acne-prone skin, which has points of dryness, such as cheekbones.

This soap has anti-acne, bactericidal, whitening, soothing and toning properties while eliminates skin impurities.

Gender : Unisex

Composition : Glycerin base, Coco Glucoside, Activated Charcoal, Calendula Oil, Orange Blossom Essence, Calendula Extract and Tangerine Extract.


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